Friday, June 15, 2007

New Tricks

This past week, my Mom was down from Indiana for a visit. She watched Emmy for us while we worked, and Mom had a ball with her granddaughter. Emmy tried all kinds of new things, and surprised us all by some new tricks. She is sitting in a highchair now, and likes to have a mirror and a wooden spoon to play with. We set it up so she can survey the backyard and the kitchen, and she has a high ole' time...pun intended. She's really figuring out how to grab toys and studies them closely. She found her feet/toes for the first time this week, and was super fascinated by them (even tried a little toe tasting). She's sitting in her Bumbo seat really well now, and jumps around like mad in her exersaucer....pushing all the noise-making buttons, and giggling. She is mimicking noises really well, and has long baby monologues for us now. She's impressed by her voice, and screeches regularly. In short, we are really enjoying this stage of babyhood!

Thanks, Mom, for helping out so much this week! It was so nice to have you here...come back soon!

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