Monday, April 30, 2007

Back Home Again...

We traveled to Indiana last week, driving abour 12-13 hours each way in the Vue. The car was literally PACKED with stuff, mostly baby stuff. It's amazing how much extra stuff you need to bring for a kid! Sheesh! We had a great time visiting friends & family, and Emmy got to meet 23 new people. She really did quite well, considering all the new faces, places, sleeping arrangements and generally dismissing her usual routine. She got to meet her 3 great grandparents for the first time, her Grandpa Loehmer, Uncle Josh, great aunts & uncles, cousins, and family buddies.

On the drive up north, we stayed the weekend with our friends, Jen & Chad. Sophie was very interested in meeting Emmy, but I think she was a little disappointed that Em couldn't talk, eat and play. She was most gracious though, when her parents started pulling out her old baby swing and pack-n-play for Emmy to use. We took a trip to the zoo, and saw the most amazing flowers in bloom during their Flower Fest. I even got to sniff some blooming lilacs (ah, heaven!). Jen very thankfully had Graeter's ice cream waiting for us in the freezer...have I mentioned I really LOVE my best friend?! Jen & I had some quality girl time together to catch up, a rarity, and a treat!

We had quite the wild game adventures in Dad cooked up some venison and squirrel for us, and my cousin gifted us a duck to eat! We had to make a stop at the Bob-o-Link in Royal Center, IN to get some spanish hotdogs and rootbeer in a frosted mug...yummo! Also, we hit Charbett's in Logansport for a tenderloin sandwich and milkshake. There are some foods you can only get at home!

Keith and I always like to walk down to the Manchester College campus when we are in town. Grammy Iding was more than happy to babysit while we checked out the construction and updates to the Union building. It was really amazing to see the's now a place students would really LIKE to hang out! Spring is always a pretty time to be on campus, and we like to chat about our college days as we walk around the mall.

I'm so glad we were able to make the trip to Indiana. So many people got to meet Emmy, we got to visit with friends & family, stop by favorite places, and enjoy Spring in Indiana. Emmy was the perfect age to take such a long car time, we might have to fly home!

We have so many great photos from our trip, please be sure to check out our Photobucket account to see them all.

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sherrie said...

Your trip to Indiana sounds great, we will be making our way there in July and we can't wait! The pictures are priceless, I was glad to see Grandma looking great and the picture of your Dad and Emmy was really sweet! However, your mention of Bob-o-link and Charbetts now has my stomach rumbling and my Hoosierfood cravings in full swing! Tenderloins...vanilla Cokes...oh July can't come soon enough!