Friday, April 13, 2007

10 Biggest Changes Once You Have a Baby

1) It takes you 15+ minutes to actually get in the car to go somewhere
because of all the extra "stuff" you now have to tote around.
2) You now consider a 5 hours a "full night sleep".
3) Poop, vomit and boogers have ceased to faze you (well, as much).
4) You aren't self conscious about talking baby talk in public.
5) Your neighbors with kids are suddenly very interested in getting to know you.
6) Your sense of time has gone out the window (what day is this?!)
It has become perfectly acceptable to you not to shower daily. (or do
your hair, or leave the house without makeup to cover your dark circles)
8) You've started speed-eating, so you can finish your meal before the baby wakes up/gets fussy.
9) Darn-near every room in your house has baby paraphernalia occupying it.
10) Your evening entertainment consists of laughing at baby farts and watching her sleep peacefully.

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