Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Fly-by's the end of January already, how did that happen? We've had a busy work, at home, with family & friends. Emerson turns 4 in ten days. Good God! My baby is all grown up. *sign, sob, sniff* We're having a little party at school on Friday for her birthday and are looking forward to some amazing birthday adventures this year.

I've been off my nausea meds for the past 4 days, and am feeling pretty good here at 24 weeks along. This pregnancy is flying by as well, and we'll have a bouncing baby boy here before we know it. He's doing lots of bouncing on my bladder these days, and Keith felt him move for the first time this morning (while I was sleeping!). He's an active little booger! We've pretty much decided on a name for him, and just like we did with Emerson, we'll keep it to ourselves until he arrives. We've got some things to do to prepare for another baby in the house, but I'm feeling very little stress about it (right now). We just found out on Friday that he'll be able to attend the same little in-home daycare that Emerson did, and we are so, so happy about that.

We've had a sort of crummy week with a sick little girl, heavy work schedules, 2 grandparents in the ICU and lots to do around the house. Em's on the mend, and both grandparents are now out of the hospital, thankfully. I finished my third (and final) week of Admissions at work, so now can focus on all the other things I need to get accomplished. I'm finally moving forward with a clinic position at Breast Cancer Survivor Clinic at Duke. Looking forward to my first days in clinic in early March. I'll do that intermittently when the NP needs clinic coverage, and as the program expands, will increase to a one day/week position, which is a requirement of being on faculty at the PA Program. I've been without a clinic assignment since the end of Sept 2010, so look forward to interacting with patients again.

We went to the Durham Museum of Life & Science on MLK Day, as we were all on vacation that day. Had lots of fun exploring, and I was able to snap some cool photos in the Butterfly House with my new telephoto camera lens. I got a new camera bag today to stow all my camera gear, and look forward to taking lots of photos over Em's birthday.

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

Just got all your updates by reading this post. Lordy, lots of news in this post entry!
Glad to hear about K's grndpa being out. Hope to get Em's box out this week, before you head south. Hope you have a safe trip. Your breast cancer clinic position sounds interesting. Glad baby boy is kicking up a storm. That's what Josh did too.