Thursday, February 18, 2010



--dark chocolate truffles from Trader Joe's...must buy more this weekend!
--listening to Em sing in the back seat, she has such a sweet little voice.
--getting big projects crossed off my to-do list @ work
--my new Sony A230, love, love it! (just need to learn how to REALLY use it)
--playing Wii bowling with Em & Keith
--planning our beach getaway with college friends
--that the temps might hit 50 this weekend
--that a new nail place opened 5 minutes from our house, and they were offering 30% off this week!


--That Emmy's new favorite words are puke, booty and poop.
--Emmy's current phase of "Dad ONLY"...I'm feeling a little disgruntled about it
--that my van is going back to the body shop tomorrow to fix a very loud, rattly windshield...wonder how many weeks it will take them to fix it?
--that my kitties are getting old, and starting to show their age
--that I've gained weight and pants are feeling snug.
--that I felt overwhelmed today after our IVF class by the drugs/schedule/cost/chance it all won't work
--That 6 months ago, I could run 3 miles very easily, and now running less than one makes me so sore I can barely walk for days....ridiculous!!

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

Hmm..sounds like the winter blues happen even in NC!
It is hard when your little girl falls in love totally with her daddy. It hurts, but it's natural. You did it too dearie. That's why there is dark chocolate in your house!