Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Today is Emerson's third birthday! Wow, she's changed so much in the past year! Big milestones included transitioning to a big girl bed, mastering potty training, expanding vocabulary (both English and Spanish), counting to 29 (after that comes twenty-ten), traveling to California, Florida, Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee and Ohio (yes, she has a frequent flyer mile account on Southwest!), drawing rudimentary people/faces, becoming obsessed with all things sparkly/pink/fancy/related to princesses, tumbling class, growing long hair & insisting on chopping it off again, probable dog allergy, multiple URI's which necessitated nebulizer treatments, one ER visit and total insistence that she is a "big girl now". She is such a character, and growing into her big personality.

I baked & decorated a kitty cat cake for her birthday, and she got a little shy when we sang Happy Birthday to her. Her Grandpa Loehmer came down for the weekend to help celebrate, and gave her a baby doll. She hasn't parted with that for the past 2 days. We have her a pink vacuum cleaner, and she wears her tutu & tiara while she sweeps. Love it!

Wonder what the next year has in store for her? Happy Birthday, Emmy!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Em!!!
Love the photos, Ape! Great job!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Great pictures to commemorate her third birthday! Such a funny little kid. Hoping that the Geek Squad guy is able to fix the big Dell so that we can skype soon.
He's here now, and it's going to be costly@!!!