Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New York state of mind

So, I got back Sunday night from a long weekend in NYC with my best girlfriend, Jen. She was attending a conference in Times Square (read: work was paying for the hotel), and she invited me to come up with her to see some sights and have a Girl's Weekend. I must say, it was a fabulous time! We did a ton of walking, riding the subway, and getting a bit of a feel for the local flavor by visiting some tasty restaurants. I found myself going back several times to the Magnolia Bakery (famous due to Sex & the City) for the cinnamon sugar muffins & cupcakes. Stick to my WW points for the week I did not. Oh well, I will get back on track tomorrow, as it starts a new WW week for me.

Emmy has been sick for about 10 days now. For the last 3, she's been coughing ALL night long. I heard some wheezing last night when I was reading her bedtimes stories. So, off to the pediatrician we went today. Yes, she was wheezing, so now we are doing Albuterol nebulizer treatments. Amazingly, she hasn't coughed once since going to bed tonight! One eardrum looked a little red, and the Ped gave us an Rx for Amoxicillin if she starts running a fever. We've been fortunate in that we've only had to do antibiotics once so far in her 2 years! By the way, doing a neb treatment on a sleeping/sleepy toddler is SO MUCH easier than a wide awake toddler! Much less screaming, wriggling, kicking, back arching, etc!

Em & I did a little shopping today. If you aren't shopping at CVS, and taking advantage of their sales/Extra Care Bucks/Rewards program, you are missing out! I purchased about $60 worth of stuff today for $23 due to sales & coupons. I earned $15 in ECB's to spend next time. Then, I filled Emmy's prescription, and got a $25 gift card! They PAID me to shop with them today! Gotta love making a profit when you shop!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

I want to know your couponing secrets!

Looks like you girls had fun in the big apple!
Hope Emmy girl gets better soon.
Is that TX like what Norma used to do?

Sherrie said...

Albuterol used to make Joey **insane** when he was Emmy's age. (Though a hyper but breathing easy toddler beats a limp, coughing/barking like a seal toddler any day!) I am totally addicted to those sales at CVS (and Walgreens), yesterday I got 65 tablets of my drug of choice (Pepcid Complete) :) for only $5 with coupons and ECB- it would normally be close to $20. One of the website I go to daily (http://www.sherrimccann.com/) matches up the CVS and Walgreens sales with current coupons to score the best deals, it's really helpful.