Friday, February 20, 2009

Big Girl Stuff

Emmy is changing so fast! I feel the need to write some of this down, as each week brings new firsts and surprises!

Cutting paper with scissors when I picked her up at school today.

Using lots of new words....some are obviously picked up at school.

Likes taking showers.

Wants to help cook, or at least stand on a chair and watch me cook.

Singing songs: "happy birthday to you" (hmmm...think the fact that they've had 3 birthday parties in 2 weeks at school has anything to do with this?!), "the wheels on the bus", the alphabet!! (that was a shocker!)

Interested in chatting on the phone (a little) with grandparents, and asking to call them.

Helps Mommy look for doggies and deer on the way home, as we are driving through our windy-road neighborhood.

Learning (and remembering days later) Spanish words from class at school.

Counting up a storm...everything must be counted!

Likes going to the library (and says it correctly!!!).

Gives Miss Kelli and Miss Roxanna a big hug before leaving school every day, and giggles like a hyena when they kiss her cheek.

Using sentences with 4-5 words. Quite impressive!

Repeats absolutely every word that comes out of our mouths. Did I mention she repeats. every. word?

Starting to do imaginary play (dolls, Weebles, stuffed animals, etc).

Likes to chase the neighbor's chickens. Contemplating getting some for our yard.

Totally hooked on the Incredibles, Dora, Toy Story 2, Elmo and Curious George. Sesame Street is very cool too.

Loves to read...insists on taking books to bed with her at night. Can hear her "reading" for a good 20 minutes after we put her to bed.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Ahh man...this all makes me wanna cry! That little ol' baby girl is gone, and in her place, a great big grown up girl has come in her place!
Whaaaaaa! Where did baby girl go???
It must be fun though to see it all happen....and be stunned, and drop your jaw over her new antics.
Enjoy it kids...enjoy these precious days!

Sherrie said...

I love hearing about her love of books, especially my old friend Curious George. She can correctly say "library"? I deal with teenagers every single day who call me "the li-barry lady" so the correct pronunciation at her age is mega-impressive.

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, this takes me back so many years. Those days are so wonderful. You will be tempted to wish that she would stay this age, but you will be surprised and delighted to find that every new age brings new wonders.