Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Walking in a Snotty Wonderland

Poor Em. She's got a miserable cold. She started losing her voice yesterday, and is very squeaky today. The snot drippith, and the eyes are gunky. I'm hoping this clears out before the big day, or at least before we visit family and friends. She still seems to be eating and playing okay, which is so typical for her. I think it would take a case of pneumonia before she's stop eating! Last night she ate about 5 big broccoli pieces...she nibbles on them like they are a cookie she wants to savor. We ran errands today, and when we got home, the neighbor's chickens were all over our driveway and front yard. Em had a ball running around chasing them. We may have to get some for our back yard one of these days! The chickens are beautiful Rhode Island Reds, and they are so pretty in the sunshine.

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Corgidogmama~ said...

Emmy's herding instincts are kicking in...the corgis will be proud!
What fun to have your own chickens, man, I'd love that. Hope she's well soon.