Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Post Turkey Recovery

We had a good Thanksgiving, celebrating with all the Stouders in DC. We had our Christmas exchange as well, since we won't be seeing that side of the family at Christmas. Of course, we ate too much, but Stacy did a great job cooking the bird! (She did it the day before, which is a trick I will use in the future! So nice having room in your oven to cook the sides on T-day!) We brought home some toys that Abby had outgrown, but were perfect for Emmy right now. Her new favorite is the Sit-n-Spin. She insists that we all spin, but Keith just doesn't fit. She had a good laugh when I got on it and started spinning around!

Emmy will be starting a new daycare in February, and I really think she's ready for more stimulation and being around kids her age. They don't let them come to this school until they are 2, and so she is helping out Jeffrey with all the babies right now. She's the oldest, and loves playing the the babies.

She's starting to put together 2-4 word sentences now, and it's amazing to hear her speak! She's communicating with us so much more, although we still only understand about 60% of what comes out of her mouth. She is very particular about her clothes now, and if her shirt has a hood, it has to be up. She gets a little bent out of shape if Mommy doesn't wear a hood too (although most of my clothes don't have a hood...hard to explain to a toddler!).

We finally got some of the beach photos from the photographer...what a nightmare dealing with him, but the end result was good. He did take some excellent pics!

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Corgidogmama~ said...

April you look like a movie star!