Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Keith!

Keith turns the big 3-8 today (well, actually tomorrow, May 5).  I am surprising him for his birthday with a private kayak lesson for the two of us on Jordan Lake next month.  I heard about a great "mom & pop" shop out of Durham that does canoe and kayak lessons, trips, and rents/sells the equipment.  I checked out their website Frog Hollows Outdoors, and am arranging for our lessons when the weather warms up a bit next month.  No sense falling into the freezing cold water in May, when it will be much warmer in June, right?!  Anyway, Keith has talked about learning to kayak for the past year, so I thought I'd help make his dream a reality!  Happy Birthday, Babe...I love ya!

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Sherrie said...

We hope that you both had great birthdays this week! The kayaking sounds like a lot of fun...we have two kayaks hanging in our garage that haven't touched water in a good five years, but there are lots of great places to kayak around here. Wow, he's as old as me! (At least for the next three weeks, at which time I'll be horribly old at 39.)
Have fun!