Friday, October 26, 2007


Man, oh man, it's finally raining here. It started late yesterday afternoon, and has rained all day today. Last check of the rain gauge by Keith was about 4 inches! We've been in such a terrible drought all summer, so this was most definitely a much needed soaker. I think the rain will taper off by tomorrow morning, and hopefully the rain clouds won't stay away for so long again.

We had planned to go to Statesville on Saturday with some friends to attend Balloon Fest. They launch hot air balloons in the morning and afternoon, and it's supposed to be quite a sight to behold. It's a huge event, with an arts & crafts fair, tastings of NC wines, and live entertainment. Unfortunately, all the rain has made the fields a muddy mess, so we'll probably pass this year. Next year Emmy will enjoy it more anyway.

Emmy is participating in Kindermusik each Thursday at daycare. She's been clapping all week, so I think she's picking it up a little! I put the CD in the car today that the teacher sent home, and Emmy squealed all the way to daycare as we listened. I can't say this is going to be my favorite CD, so I think I'll have to look around for some decent Emmy tunes! (I don't think she's a fan of Morning Edition on NPR, but Mommy gets to choose the channel for now!)


Susan & Jim said...

HeHee! Yep, you're in control...for'll have a few more years before the whining breaks you down, and we won't even go into the pre-teen years. You're not mentally ready for those horrors yet!
your mama~

Sherrie said...

I second your wise mother's comment on the horrors of the pre-teen years- we are smack dab in them and they can be quite unpleasant at times! Joey calls himself a "tween" (between a child and a teen), but he's got all the adolescent mood swings in full effect! Enjoy this baby time, for sure! (I'm not complaining about my boy, he's a doll 90% of the time- but that other 10%- watch out!)