Monday, October 22, 2007

Beach Trip

I had a CME conference in Virginia Beach this weekend, and Emmy & Keith came along for some beach time. The hotel where the event was taking place was a beachfront Hilton. We had an ocean front room on the 10th floor with a balcony that looked over the boardwalk and the sea. It was so nice to smell the salty air and see the waves crashing below. We took Emmy's swimsuit because there was an indoor pool...unfortunately, it was drained for maintenance! There was also a rooftop pool, but when Keith tried to get in, decided the water was too cold for Em. He snapped some pics of her in her suit (I had nothing to do with the fact that it's on backwards!), and then let her play in the tub. As long as she could splash, she was happy. After my conference, we went down to the beach and let her discover the sand. I got some really good shots of her on the beach that I'll share. Be sure to check out the photo gallery for the trip pics. Emmy and I walked down to the water and got our toes wet. We had an excellent seafood dinner Saturday night, and took a long walk down the boardwalk. We got up the next morning and walked the other direction on the boardwalk and had a nice breakfast at an open air cafe with a beach view and breeze. The weather was wonderful and it was a very nice way to spend the morning.

Emmy is so *SO* close the crawling. She gets very frustrated because she hasn't quite figured out the mechanics of the arm/leg motion, and she rocks back & forth ferociously! Then she howls because that doesn't move her across the room.


Jen said...

I love the pics...she's beautiful!

Chad said...

The pic of Emmy in Pink is the best!