Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holiday Weekend

For Memorial Day, we traveled to DC to visit Keith's family. We stayed with his Stacy, Greg & Abby in Woodbridge. Ed & Judy were up as well, and Kevin came over for the weekend too. It was a houseful of fun! Abby turned 3 earlier this month, and she was smitten with Emmy. She kept saying, "Look at her cheeks!", and counting her fingers & toes. Emmy was just as fascinated with her older cousin, and watched her very closely. We got some great photos of the two of them, and I'll share them here.

Emmy is grabbing toys now, and making all kinds of bubbles with her mouth. She's drooling more now, and blowing raspberries this week. I think she is very close to starting solid foods. I am waiting until her 4 month well-child visit to do so, but I think she'll be ready. She is sitting up in an excersaucer and eyeballing all the activities. She loves to push up with her legs when sitting on your lap, so she was definitely ready for the excersaucer. She's getting lots of rolls on her legs, arms and chin! I am very interested to see how much she weighs at her checkup in 2 weeks!

Keith and I went to see Fracture while his parents were visiting last week. It's the new Anthony Hopkins movie, and I really thought it was good. You spent the entire film trying to figure things out, and then there's a big "Ah-ha!" at the end. We watched Pan's Labyrinth on video last night...sad movie, but worth seeing. It's in Spanish with English subtitles. Speaking of subtitles...it must have been a good weekend for them! We watched Apocolypto and Letters from Iwo Jima over the weekend...both are subtitled. Both were good, but Apoco was intense and rather gory. It was interesting to see things from the Japanese perspective in Iwo Jima...good movie. We'd like to rent Flags of Our Fathers now to see the American side of the story.

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