Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Recovery

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We had family here for the Dad, his friend, and my bro, Josh. They arrived Tuesday night, slightly frazzled after a 13 hour drive, and left at the butt-crack of dawn today. We always have a list of home improvement projects for when my Dad (a retired construction worker) comes to visit. This year, we chopped down a tree in the back yard, after a few precarious moments when we wondered if it would fall into the yard, or onto our roof. Luckily, Dad's part-time job in retirement is tree trimming, so he knew what to do to make if fall in our favor! Keith and Dad also installed an attic fan, fixed our mailbox, cleaned gutters, and went shopping for a new electric drill. I cooked a 14 lb fresh turkey with all the trimmings on Thursday, with plenty of help in the kitchen (what a relief!!). We've got plenty of leftovers for the weekend, and I'm sure I'll be freezing some turkey for later use in casseroles. On Friday morning, Keith, Josh and I did a little Black Friday shopping at Kohl' know me, can't pass up those kind of bargains! We all went out last night to see the new Bond movie (okay, Josh opted to see the Santa Clause 3) and came home to play some Pegs & Jokers. If you've not heard of that game before, it's very fun to play with a crowd of people. Unfortunately, after everyone left, I realized I had taken NO photos of their visit. Pregnancy has officially turned my mind to mush!

For the rest of the weekend, Keith and I are cleaning up the house a bit and then will probably get started on transforming the guest room into the nursery. There's lots of work to do there, but we're excited to finally be able to make Babygirl's room come to life!


Susan & Jim said...

Sounds as you had a great Thanksgiving and got a few items from the Honey-do list checked off.
Dad would rather work on something than just sit around, so his visits always help you out. I'm thankful to you have you as my own Babygirl. loveyama

Chad said...

For those that are interested, here is a site that talks a little about "Pegs and Joker". Jen and I love this game!