Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One Year Later...

Wow...a year has gone by since I posted to this blog.  Lots happened, kids have grown, I've got more gray hairs.  I really just wanted to post my thankful list, as this time of year always makes me a little contemplative.  Here goes...

1)  Thankful for these kids, every day.  Maybe not every minute, like when someone has just spilled orange juice down my leg & foot, or when we are wrestling for the 100th time that week to get buckled in a car seat, or arguing about violin practice...but holy geez, I love these guys.

2)  Thankful for my hubby who is ever patient, tolerant and forgiving.  I've got a good one folks, and I'm thankful he puts up with me.  I think he feels the same.  We just celebrated our 10th anniversary with a trip to Vancouver & had a ball.

3)  Thankful for my family who are all too dang far away.  Love each & every one of them and so happy when we can spend time together.  We hosted my Dad for a visit in October & he was able to attend Em's Halloween violin concert.  Keith's sister & her family are coming for Thanksgiving & good cousin time will be had.  My Mom & brother are coming for Christmas this year (yay!), and we'll head to Florida to visit with ALL of Keith's family.  Fun times!

4)  Thankful for my best buddy, Jen, who also lives too far away.  Our new way of staying connected is to run half marathons together.  We just finished one in Indy in early November and our next will be a Rock & Roll Half in Raleigh.  I'm thankful for her friendship, understanding and for being in my corner no matter what.  

5)  Thankful for good health.  Working in healthcare and being around a major medical center exposes you to a lot of sad stories.  I'm thankful for a body that doesn't hurt, can carry me 13.1 miles, and lift my babies.  I've made peace with its imperfections and grown to be grateful for what it allows me to do every day.  

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

Love this post...and all of you.
Have a great turkey weekend, see ya soon, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise.