Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Liam's Word List @ 10 months

Liam is quickly learning words, and it is clear that he understands much of what we say to him.  He can sign "more" (vigorously in some cases!), and has started mimicking his sister's actions.  They have started playing copy-cat games, which usually results in a fit of giggles from both of them.  This week, Liam said "ni-ni" and waved good night to Daddy before heading up to bed.  He can say Da-Da, Ma-Ma, ba-ba and bye-bye.  He's working on "kitty", and I swear he said Je-Je when I asked him if he was ready to go see Jeffrey.  When I ask where his belly is when I am changing his diaper, he loves to slap his tummy to make a funny sound.  His little personality is so sweet & fun.  He is usually all smiles and has a great sense of humor.  10 months is a fun, fun age!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Hopefully he'll get better very quickly. Poor little fella..

Sherrie said...

I saw on FB that Liam is under the weather, maybe he can use this down time to even further increase his rapidly expanding vocabulary. :)