Sunday, February 12, 2012

And....she's 5!

Emerson celebrated her 5th birthday at Glazed Expectations, a paint-your-own pottery shop.  She invited a gaggle of girls, and it was so fun to see her interacting with her friends from school.  We often hear about these girls over the dinner table, so it was cute to see them all clustered together around the table, heads together, giggles galore.  Everyone got to paint a piece of pottery, we made tiaras, colored princess coloring sheets/had a princess quiz game, and had snacks & cake.  Em requested a butterfly cake, which I was happy to create.  We had a school party on Weds, and we baked butterfly butter cookies, which Em helped decorate.  On the morning of her birthday, she was greeted downstairs with a giant Ariel balloon and birthday banner, and a pile of presents.  She had requested only 2 things:  a cash register, and a running suit.  We went out to dinner that night, letting her chose the location.  She decided upon Red Lobster, requesting a crab cake, popcorn shrimp & a cheese biscuit.  She didn't think they sang to people at that restaurant, but she was wrong!  She got a serenade & an ice cream sundae.  Overall, I think it was a successful 5th birthday!

PS...the little boy standing next to Em in the class photo wants Emerson to be his Valentine!

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

Can't believe that my little girl's, little girl is 5~great pics. relax mama~