Monday, December 19, 2011

Age 4, not quite 5

Emerson will turn 5 in February, and I must say, I can't believe how fast the time has gone.  I have enjoyed age 4, with all the stubbornness, growth spurts, sweetness and sass.  This girlie has got quite a personality and charms everyone she meets (then yaks their ear off).

Things I love about Emerson at age 4:
1)  We must "pinky promise" a lot these days.
2)  Her sense of humor, and the oodles of giggles that erupt from her regularly.
3)  Her vivid imagination, and eye for details (she completely recreated the dentist's office the evening of her appointment, and replayed the visit word for word in the living room!)
4)  How she skips everywhere we go now.
5)  That she seems to have finally conquered the thumb-sucking habit, and she is immensely proud of this.
6)  She is on the cusp of becoming a reader...she loves to copy words down, asks how to spell everything, and enjoys practicing writing.
7)  She has wrapped and unwrapped various gifts for virtually every family member at least 3 times.  No telling what's inside.
8)  She loves to help Mom in the kitchen, which usually means a mess will ensue.
9)  She still wants to hold my hand, and occasionally will tell me, "I want to hold your hand forever"
10)  She seems to have friends all over Chapel Hill, as it I don't think we can go anywhere in this town without someone yelling out, "Emerson!"  (and then, "oh, Hi Emerson's Mommy")
11)  She routinely tells us, "OK, here are your choices..." or, "OK, guys, here's the deal".  I find this hilarious.
12)  She is an amazingly loving big sister, often kissing Liam's head and telling him how much she loves him.
13)  Her fashion sense by far surpasses her mother's.  (and man, can this girl accessorize!)
14)  She still must have her blankie to sleep.
15)  She has a wonderfully compassionate and giving spirit, often thinking of others.
16)  She has memorized countless Christmas carols, and belts them out in the car.
17)  She will finally talk to people on the phone...much to everyone's joy.
18)  Her "r's" still sound like "w's", and honestly, I will be sad when she can pronounce them the right way.
19)  She loves to play opposites, rhyming words or I Spy....any time, any where.
20)  She has been drawing family portraits, which usually include her in pigtails, and Liam in a Santa suit.

I love this girl, and am so thankful for the joy she has brought to our lives.


^..^Corgidogmama said... know...what it was like having you.

Jen said...

Great post, Ape...great post (though I will tell you that 5 is even more fun...and 6? Omg, just never ending joy.) :)