Monday, November 7, 2011

The Child of the Week

Emerson's class has 2 big things going on all year.  Each week, a different kid is designated "the child of the week", and last week was Em's turn.  Families are encouraged to bring in photos for the bulletin board, and the kiddos fill out a little info sheet to share tidbits about themselves with the class.  They can bring in their favorite book & toy to share, and parents are invited to come in to read to the class.  Keith got to go on Wednesday to read Harold & the Purple Crayon, which Em specifically requested.  She took her My Little Pony in on Friday to share.  We snapped a few photos of the bulletin board while we attended the class Halloween party on Monday.  Em realllllllly enjoyed being the center of attention all week, and pointed out to us that she got to sit in the chair of honor, right next to the teacher's rocking chair all week long.

The other event that goes on all year is Brody.  Brody is the class mascot, and is a stuffed dog who gets to go home for a week with each child.  There's a journal that accompanies him on the home visit, and the families are encouraged to document "what he does" while he visits you.  You can include photos, journal entries, and art to tell the story.  Em's turn for Brody is mid-January, and we'll have to see what kind of fun stuff we can cook up while he's our houseguest!

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

Lordy, bet she loved being the top kid all week. What fun!