Monday, June 6, 2011


--"Sun-scream" instead of sunscreen
--she says "is" instead of "if", as in "is you give a cat a cupcake"
--she asked Keith if she could begin wearing her dance costumes to school since dance class is over for the, no.
--somehow, she has incorporated the word "like" into her daily, valley-girl style. Not sure how this has happened, since neither of her parents talk like this.
--"fine, whatever"....I'm sure this will be really irritating when she's 13.
--she told the dentist today she was using fuzzy socks on her hands in order to stop sucking her thumb. She told me on the way to the dentist that she covered her hand with her blankie and squeezed it tight behind her back during naptime so she wouldn't suck her thumb. Habits are hard to break!
--Her teachers told us they overhead her talking with other kids in class about the "salami" in Japan
--"Liam weally, weally loves me!"

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