Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Olivia's Dead"

As we were driving down the road last night, heading to Panera Bread for dinner, followed by grocery shopping at Kroger, Emerson piped up from the backseat with this doosie..."Olivia's dead". Followed by dead silence in the car. Olivia, by the way, is Emerson's imaginary sister whom she's talked about for the last year. She literally mentions her daily. From what I can gather, she lives across the street at 8008 XX Road, she's either older or younger than Emerson (some days she's 2, some days she's 43 and drives...who knew?!). It's unclear who her parents are, and why she doesn't live with us. Olivia gets blamed for mishaps & misbehavior and is included in most of the silly conversations shared about the happenings at school.

Needless to say, we were a little taken aback to hear she was no longer with us. After a period of silence, we finally asked Em what happened. She explained that Olivia was out walking her dog and got "squooshed by a car". We asked her how she found out about this accident, and she mentioned that Olivia was at school today crying, and told her about it. "She's dead, but she'll be better on Monday...don't worry guys."

Thank goodness! Keith and I talked about it later, and were a little relieved that Em doesn't yet grasp the concept of death. We've seen dead squirrels "squooshed by a car" on our morning walks, so I suppose this is where the idea came from last night. We are also not totally ready to have this conversation with her, as we haven't figured out how we want to present it to her yet. I want to be honest, but not go into great detail about things. I don't want to use any of the explanations like, "sleeping" or "gone to Heaven". I think being honest & sticking to simple explanations is probably the best route.

Anyone out there have any great ideas about broaching this topic when the time comes?

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

Ugh....this is a tough one!
Can only imagine just how quiet that car became following her stunning annoucement!
Yikes! The hamster wheels in that kids brain!