Friday, July 16, 2010


--Got home from a week of visiting family & friends in Indiana & Ohio last week...always so good to see everyone, but never enough time with anyone! Swinging on the porch swing with my 93 yr old Gram & my 3 yr old girl was pretty sweet!
--My best buddy is coming to NC for a quick visit in a couple weeks...girl time! Yay!
--Found a great pair of shoes at the Discount Shoes store in Asheville this week.
--Going to the Kids Exchange Sale at the State Fairgrounds this's like one huge yard sale with only kids stuff...bargain hunter's paradise!
--Picking blueberries this weekend
--Swinging with Emerson on the new playset
--Watching the fat cats take turns sleeping in the shoe box I brought back from Asheville...comical.
--Got my Happy Burgery tenderloin and Sycamore ice cream fix while in Indiana. Also my A&W rootbeer in a frosted mug. Delish! (No, weight loss was not acheived while on vacation!)
--Our farm share this summer...goodies delivered to our back door weekly. Love it.
--That Keith and I are seeing Mary Chapin Carpenter in concert on her!

--Haven't started another knitting project since finishing Em's scarf...can't decide what to do next, and at this point, will probably have to relearn everything!
--How busy & stressful work is right now. Lots going on, too little time to finish projects...sigh.
--The bad attitude Em has these days. Very bossy, mean, and sassy. Not responding to the "1, 2, 3...timeout" so much these days (starts counting me when I count her...irritating!). But, alas, she is bipolar and a really sweet doll 5 minutes later.
--Weight gain and not fitting into my clothes
--Fertility treatments.
--How hard it is to fit exercise back into my life.
--That Lilith Fair in Raleigh was cancelled...rat bastards!

By the way, vacation photos are posted on our Flickr photo account...check them out!

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