Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Having my Mom here for a visit last week...had a great time, and Emmy was in heaven with her Grammy!
Finishing my first knitting project (a dishcloth). Turned out pretty well! Emmy picked out some cute pink yarn, and I'm starting a scarf for her.
Planting lots of perennials in the flower beds & things are looking good!
Getting a proposal finalized to submit for a national conference presentation with a coworker...hope it gets accepted!
Our CSA...lots of great veggies and other yumminess delivered to our door each week.
Finding a fabulous Dora the Explorer Dream House at a consignment shop & getting a great deal (and Emmy's face when she plays with it!)
Giving Emmy some big-girl responsibilities & seeing how well she handles them.
Finding out Emmy will be in a new classroom in June with her buddy Becky.
Having an old friend from college spend the night recently when she came into town.
Seeing Wicked recently at the DPAP with my hubs.
Scoring 2-for-1 tickets to Lillith Fair in August for me and my bestie!

Slugs & deer terrorizing our new plants! Damn you!
Bad weather delaying Mom's first flight in 12 years! Southwest saves the day!
Pulling a tick off my leg...gross.
Weight gain.
Pimples @ 34.
Cats pooping on rugs...repeatedly. OK, I get it, you're hungry and don't like the new diet.
Cats puking up hairballs on new chairs...seriously, can't you just jump down first?
A letter from Honda about 2 recalls on the van...Saturday in the shop coming up. Good thing Keith has an iPad to keep him company.
Wait lists for summer Saturday swim lessons (say that 3 times fast).


Jen said...

Love this list...made me chuckle!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

A tick???? Ugh....hate those things. Miss you guys already...sigh.