Sunday, January 31, 2010

Things to Do on a Snowy Weekend

It was cold and blustery yesterday, so we stayed in, and got busy! Keith was a cleaning machine while I slept in until 930...wahoo! After a trip outside to attempt to clean off the cars, and watch Em's lips turn blue as she tried to make a snow angel (note to self, must by this kid some approriate snow gear), we made hot chocolate and warmed up. I made homemade mac & cheese, crock-pot meatballs and a batch of chocolate chip cookies...yep, that's the ticket! We hung some new B&W photos in the stairway, which look awesome! Last night, Keith came down with some GI nastiness (Em's had a mild case of it since Tuesday), and he's been in bed all day, feeling feverish and crampy. I'm keeping my distance, and bringing the occasional glass of Sprite. Em and I went outside this morning, where at least it wasn't so cold. We got another inch or so of snow overnight, but the temps were so cold overnight that everything is sort of hard & crunchy. The roads are pure slickness, and I predict a snow day tomorrow. I'm sure Em's school will be closed, and probably the PA school will be as well. I think we'll break out the Wii tonight, as I'm tired of watching Eloise, and the Tinkerbell movie just doesn't sound appealing to me! We've done cutting & pasting, play-doh, and made a batch of pancakes & sausage for breakfast today. Not sure what we'll do tomorrow!! Maybe hibernate!

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

Sounds like an ideal weekend!
How'bout posting some pics of the new bathroom, hallway, etc?
Love Em's pics in the snow.