Sunday, August 23, 2009

I did it!!!

After months of training, I competed in my first (and maybe last) sprint triathlon on Saturday morning. My sister-in-law, Stacy, came down to do it with me, and we were cheered on by most of the Stouder family. I probably swallowed a gallon of water (and snorted another half-gallon up my nose) during the swim due to all the people kicking, splashing, and otherwise getting in my way. I pedaled along on my bike, coming in at the tail end of the bikers because of my slow swim, and because I didn't have a speedy road bike (note to self: if I ever do this again, rent a road bike!!). After hopping off my bike, the legs were rather jello-like, but I ran all of my 5K except for one hill. I finished in 1:54, third from last of the women. But dammit...I finished, and I didn't finish last!!! Thanks to Stacy for sweating with me, and to the Stouders for cheering me on. Felt good to cross the finish line with family yelling for me.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cool Pics

Our friend Fred let me borrow his Nikon D-60 for pretty much the month of July. I got some great pics, and just wanted to show how awesome this camera is! Totally all camera, not April skill here! Fred too the pick of Em in the's so good!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Jaguar

We went to a Durham Bulls baseball game tonight, as part of an activity put on by the Triangle Association of PAs. We had a great picnic dinner, and had a good view of the field. The ballpark has a nice kids section, with a play area, games, and free face painting. Keith took Em to get her face done, and when they came back, she told me she was a baby jaguar. This may seem like an odd choice, but she's been a little obsessed with Diego lately, and one episode focuses on a baby jaguar. She looked totally cute!