Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Time

We've been busy little beavers around here, and trying to squeeze in some holiday preparations in our "free time". Last weekend, Emmy and I did some cookie baking. We did M&M shortbread cookies, as well as Peanut Butter Blossoms...Em thought it was so cool to push the Hershey's Kiss in the middle! Keith hung the Christmas lights on the front porch, and Em was delighted to see the twinkling lights as we pulled into the driveway Monday evening. We've been doing an advent calendar to count down to Christmas. I made it last year, and it's got a bunch of little metal tins velcro-ed to a big board. Emmy either finds a candy treat inside, or a fun holiday activity. Saturday's activity was attending the Hillsborough Christmas Parade. It was a rainy morning, but it tapered to a light mist by parade time. It was still bitter cold (a brisk 35 degrees, with blowing winds!). Em insisted on taking a backpack to stash all the candy she was planning to scoop up. She was successful in her candy-finding endeavors, and was totally thrilled to see Santa & Mrs. Claus in a horse-drawn carriage at the end of the parade. She kept saying, "I LOVE SANTA!" all the way back to the car. Little does she know we've made reservations for this Sunday morning at the Carolina Inn for a breakfast with Santa. They also have a gingerbread decorating contest going on (super fancy houses, I'm sure!!), so we'll be walking around the Inn checking out the entries. We're planning to put up a simple tree this weekend, and the interior decorations will be going up as well. Keith and Em made paper snowflakes and cottonball adorned snowmen tonight as I was making dinner. They hung their creations on the windows to winterize the joint.

I'm in the midst of reorganizing all of the framed photos in our home...we've repainted the hallway upstairs, as well as the stairway. I've purchased a bunch of matching black frames, and think they'll look great over the stairs!

I'm organizing a Call Back Day at work for Friday, and need to cook a large crockpot of meatballs on Thursday evening for our holiday party...this week is flying by quickly!

Hope your holiday prep is going well, and you're able to enjoy some of the festivities, rather than sprinting through them!!

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

Looks as if you're all jumping into the holiday season, trying to do as much as possible. It's really worth the effort to make some memories by doing special things. Em will recognize and remember that Christmas means so many different things.