Saturday, October 24, 2009

L & L

I'm stealing a great post idea from my friend, Jen's, blog. Loves and Loathes are a quick way to list what's tickling your fancy or getting under your skin at the's my list:

--That Emerson is doing a great job staying dry in her big girl undies!
--That the upstairs is turning out so well, and the construction is almost done!
--That my job is going well, and I absolutely LOVE what I'm doing now.
--That Keith is challenged in his work, and is taking on new initiatives which interest him.
--That Fall, my favorite season, is in full swing & the color is fantastic right now.
--That Amos responded so nicely to a course of prednisone...poor kitty had a nasty rash.
--That we made $330 at our yard sale last weekend, and donated what was left to the local PTA Trift clearing out stuff!
--That I finally found a decent pair of jeans (at Coldwater Creek...check out the city jeans, gals!).
--That Em is sleeping through the night again after being sick for 2 weeks.
-- That Em gets to go trick-or-treating with her cousin, Abby this year (dressed as a ballerina, so she says).
--That our little stray outside cat is warming up to us, and is friendly now.

--That the construction has taken so long, and the house has been a pit for over a month now.
--That the construction went seriously over budget.
--That Em hasn't yet mastered the fine art of pooping in the potty.
--That Emerson is now the oldest in her class, and seems to be regressing a bit in behavior & language (lots of baby-talk going on).
--That I've been coughing for two weeks.
--That I haven't run since August, and feel like a slug.
--That we haven't been able to sell the Saturn, and the Honda is in the shop due to a wayward tree.
--That I haven't scrapped the first page of Em's life! Am thinking of going digital, because Stampin' Up has a new digi package that looks usable!


Jen said...

I love this!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

These are very thoughtful L&L's. You're such a deep thinker....must be a Loehmer thing.....snort.
Oh that was just wrong...
true maybe, but oh, so wrong.
I might steal this too for my blog.