Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What to do with Strawberries?

Well, I had a slew of strawberries after our 2nd outing to the berry patch yesterday. I decided to try my hand at making some jam. After some research, I realized that "freezer jam" was the way to go for me. I made a batch that came out to about 4 cups. I divided it into 1 cup containers, and put 3 in the freezer. They will be good for up to a year. One container went into the fridge, where I imagine we will be trying it out on toast this weekend. Hopefully, it turns out okay!

Emmy and I both caught a cold this weekend...ugh. She seems to be bouncing back, but I'm miserable. Being able to breathe out of your nose is highly desirable and totally taken for granted! Em's been doing a ton of coughing, so we brought out the nebulizer machine, especially at bedtime. It helps a lot. I'm not liking that this is the third time this Spring we've had to break it out for her. Am hoping this is just a 2 year old thing, and will not be an issue each Spring.

Emmy is coming up with some hilarious stuff lately. I was laying on the couch yesterday, and she brought out her baby doll blankies, and proceeded to Shhhhsh me, cover me up, and tell me to "sleep tight, Mama, time for a rest". Sounds like a good idea to me! She also has a tendency to shush me in the car, when I'm singing. Hmmmm....


Sherrie said...

I have six pounds of blueberries in my fridge that we gathered at a u-pick farm this weekend, I think we'll be making some jam soon too. I'm sorry to hear that the two of you picked up a cold- that's no fun! Egg drop soup is the cough and cold secret for me, do you like that?

♥Mimi♥ said...

Thanks for stopping by my cooking blog. It's one of four that I'm juggling right now. It's one of my newest. I'll be adding loads of very family friendly and easy recipes. Both of my sons' wives like to make sure I'm cooking healthy for the kids when I have them for a sleep-over☺