Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stray Cat

We have a little stray cat that has adopted us...she was one of two kittens born this summer in a flowerpot by our shed.  Its momma was a stray, and she ultimately abandoned this kitty, and her sibling disappeared too.  So, she lives under our deck, and often sits on our backporch to peek into the window.  I think she went into heat recently, as she was doing a rather dramatic dance routine outside the door, and our 2 male (but snipped) cats were quite interested.  Emmy often sits by the door and watches the kitty...and kitty plays with Em.  Here's a pic...
I got in touch with an Animal Rescue group locally, and they are helping me trap this kitty in order to get her spayed and get her shots.  I don't mind if she lives outside, but I don't want any little surprises coming to the door, and I want her healthy.  We'll try to trap her Tuesday, and will take her to a mobile neutering clinic nearby...should be interesting!

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Penny said...

Great picture! I wondered when you were going to write again. The last post I saw was Emmy with the graham cracker face. I kept clicking on that and neglected to go to your main blogsite. I really am computer challenged. (ask Chad)