Thursday, November 8, 2007

Big Week!

We had my Mom visiting from Indiana this weekend/early this week, and she picked a great time to come down! Emmy started crawling on all fours over the weekend, started getting her first tooth on top, and signed "more" for the first (and only, so far!) time!! Whew! Mom was so excited to get to see all the action, and Em was pure entertainment. She's turning into a less and less a baby, and more of a little girl. She turned 9 months old today, and it just doesn't seem possible! Her personality is busting out all over, and it's a hoot. She's still having a lot of separation anxiety, so the mornings at daycare have been a little rough for the past couple weeks. We're shopping for baby gates, now that she's mobile, and need to do an extra layer of babyproofing the house this weekend.

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